Miso Vinaigrette


I know I talk about submerging myself in food and vodka a lot, but siriously people, I would swim in this new dressing I came across yesterday. As a huge miso fan, I knew I must try. I made a few adjustments - white miso (the mildest) instead of red and shallots instead of scallions. Umami. I served it over mixed greens, roasted red peppers, hearts of palm, toasted pine nuts and avocado. Recipe here.

mustard and miso...

lemon juice, water and oil...

shallots and ginger...


Linda said...

Oooh I love miso dressing. I often buy the Miso Caesar Dressing from Albertsons made by Galeos. I have been looking for miso paste for a few days and found it today at Henry's. I plan on making your miso dressing and also making Miso marinated garlic !!! Yum.


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