It's My Party.


I didn't cook dinner last night. My son has a stomach bug, so the only food I was concerned with fell under the BRAT diet category, and the only domestic activity I was up to was laundry, more laundry and scouring my house for the carpet cleaner WHERE IS IT?!???

Anyway, since I don't have much to write about today I thought I would leave you with a question. My 30th birthday is coming up, and I mentioned to my boyfriend that I might want to make my own birthday cake. He called me a control freak. I think he has a point, doesn't he? What do you think... making your own birthday cake, fun or freaky?

(Photo here)


You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

i don't think it's a control freak thing unless you want to make it bc you're super particular about it turning out exactly perfect. in which case, that might be considered a little control freaky. if you just want to make it because you really enjoy making cakes, then make your own birthday cake and have a good time doing it.

but if you ask me, i say let someone else do it and go get a pedi/mani or something instead.

Valerie said...

I think that sounds awesome! I've definitely made my own birthday cupcakes before. How exciting that you have a big birthday coming up! You should make the cake and post about it so I can make it on my birthday this year. ;)


Gretchen said...

I think you should let ME make it for you, and you can stand over me telling me exactly what to do each step of the way :)

Rose said...

why not make your own cake? i mean, at least that way you know you're going to like it!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Dirty Thirty. Mine is 9 days away and I don't know how to bake. Yikes!

Happy birthday!!

Mark said...

...i don't care who makes it as long as i get to eat some of it.

Go. Be. Do said...

For you...fun and fabulous! How are you celebrating?! And maybe I can take you for a 'Rita at Marix to toast your 30th! Say yes.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it makes you a control freak, but you should have your cake made for you because it's your birthday and you should be spoiled!


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