Chicken Stew


We have mice. I know, real appetizing way to start off this post. But I want you guys to know everything about me (my second toe is longer than my big one). Anyway, we found "doo-doo" earlier this week, set up traps, and last night RIGHT BEFORE I STARTED TO COOK DINNER we heard the infamous noise. SNAP. The noise of Murder. We murdered a mouse. Poor Mickey. But I'm sorry, this guy was living where I keep all my pots and pans and baking sheets. He should have known I have a blog to write.

After the SNAP, I had a brief moment of "no way I'm not cooking dinner let's go out" and then I recovered, tucked my jeans into Ugg boots, and cooked dinner. Giada's Chicken Stew, to be specific. It was a hearty but healthy dinner, perfect for the New Year, New You! I served it over rice, and found it tasted better with hot sauce. Recipe HERE.


Evie said...

I just found your blog! AAAaaanndd, I have a mouse too! I just moved into a little apartment thing that was built in the 30's by myself and when I saw the mouse I thought I was dreaming. I put out a trap but he apparently got the hint and moved out! Oh, and all of my toes are shorter than the one before it.

Julia F. said...

I had a mouse problem over the holidays as well. I refused to set foot in my kitchen untill I was sure that it was safe. It was a great way to diet/detox after overindulging! They are gone now and I am cooking again. :)


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