Meatloaf Sandwich


What do you do with leftover meatloaf?

Make a sandwich. Duh.

Sourdough bread, sliced meatloaf, Mozzarella (or string cheese), shredded Parmesan, some marinara, butter the top of your bread, place in panini press or grill on stove. Absurdly delicious.

I would do anything for love.


Gretchen said...


agalandherdog said...

I love a good meatloaf sandwich. You should share your meatloaf recipe.

Siri said...

I just linked to it Hillary!

iamchasingthirty said...

That is beautiful. BEAUTIFUL!

Mark said...

I would do anything for a meat loaf sandwich...

Being Ingrid said...

Yum. Looks amazing. You really should have saved one for me. Mouth watering. Every time I hear the words "meatloaf sandwich" I think of Adam Sandler's SNL skit. Hehe.

Valerie said...

It's like you read my mind sometimes. I just made a meatloaf over the weekend and will blog about it sometime this week. Then we made sandwiches with the leftovers. So delicious. Yours looks amazing.



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