Pork Dumplings


Before I tell you about Pork Dumplings made with Wonton Wrappers, I want to share a story. So sit back and rest your tired eyes, but only if you can see the screen through closed eyelids...

Once Upon A Time, my sister and I were at a Ralph's. We were looking for Wonton Wrappers which are never easy to find. "Let's ask someone, Sister," I said, to which she replied, "you're so smart." So we found an employee, who also happened to be a 14 year-old boy. "Little Boy - I mean, Sir, can you tell me where the Wonton Wrappers are?" Instantly, the Little Boy Man started blushing. Beat red, his face went. We assumed it was because he was talking to very fabulous looking ladies. "Um, aisle 5," the Little Boy Man sheepishly muttered. So, off we went to Aisle 5 and when we got there, we were very confused. He had sent us to the aisle where the feminine products lived. Huh? And then it became clear. The Little Boy Man thought a Wonton Wrapper was something else indeed. The End.

I hope you enjoyed my story. Back to Pork Dumplings. I used my Bamboo Steamer but you could also boil these or pan fry them. Recipe HERE. I did not make the dipping sauce, and used Ponzu instead.

I only made 7 dumplings and therefore had a crapload of pork left. So I made meatballs for my son! 400 degrees, bake for 20 minutes, meatballs.


fruitwoman said...

Sooooo funny! Poor guy!

kbtonies said...

HA HA HA HA......I've never heard 'them' called wonton wrappers before. Clearly I'm getting old and not up on the lingo kids use these days. They probably don't say 'lingo' either.

Go. Be. Do said...

I'm dying over that story! So funny!

Kim - Liv Life said...

These really look good. I'll bet the meatballs were good too! Loved the story!

Jenn said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Oh my god...now that was a funny story!! I needed that laugh, thank you!
The dumplings look good too :)

agalandherdog said...

Haha, love the story.

Yum. We love to put Ponzu on everything in our house!

Linda said...

LOL and rolling on the floor...That is so funny !!!!!!!


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