Secret Garden


Ok there's actually nothing "secret" about this garden, but I loved that book, and wished that I would one day uncover my own Secret Garden and find a mysterious boyfriend waiting for me in it. I was a romantic (and weird) kid.

On to real garden talk. Our friend Scott has an abundance of fruits and vegetables growing in his backyard. I can't keep a basil plant alive, and therefore I am jealous of Scott and his harvest. He grows everything from lemons, tomatoes and strawberries to more exotic produce like...



Hot Banana Peppers, anyone?

This tree will eventually bear avocados...

Um, kumquats? Okay!

And finally, some freshly picked bok choy, which I took home and lightly sauteed in peanut oil, ginger and garlic.

Thanks Scott! Will you take my basil plant away and love it, please?


-bcgw. said...

Yea I was weird too and loved the Secret Garden... my grandparents had plenty of old skeleton keys and I would occasionally grab one and "unlock" the hedge in their back yard! ;]

Priti said...

The garden is very nice..love the pepper..LOL on ur bf finding thing...movie effect huh ;)

agalandherdog said...

I'm jealous too!

Hannah said...

Wow! That's impressive! We have an artichoke plant in our garden. ("our" does not mean Sam and I, it means our landlords...but I can pretend) Aren't they so cool looking??


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