Nobody puts Basil in the corner...


Except for me, apparently.

I originally put Basil outside. But we've had some crazy winds lately, and I thought that might be hurting poor Basil, so I brought it indoors. And I stuck it in a corner, next to that magnificently large pepper grinder, away from the light of day. Then, I saw that sad little leaf on the floor in the above photo, and it occurred to me that Basil might need some of that daylight to live.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! Everyone knows that plants need sunlight!! How do I successfully keep a child alive?!


Sarah Gaila Tucker said...

Don't feel bad. Basil is just tricky. I'm always worried about mine. she looks so good, and then droopy and sad, and then dry when i just watered her. fickle little friend. Good luck with her!

Katie said...

Is there a special reason your pepper grinder is in the corner? Does the pepper get more peppery if you keep it there?

Mark said...

i would say that qualifies as "kitchen shame!"

Being Ingrid said...

Kind of looks like the Basil is trying to get frisky with that pepper grinder.


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