Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake


Chocolate cake, raspberry jam, rich ganache, fresh fruit. This is my kind of dessert. Never mind the fact that I can't read directions and layered the chocolate ganache completely wrong. I was able to make it look okay. Nothing like the fake, styled, absolutely not realistic photo from the magazine. But pretty enough for my Sister! Right, Sister?

And it tasted so good. So, so, good. If you're not a chocolate lover, then look away. Be gone, and go eat your non-chocolaty desserts by your lonesome.

Recipe HERE.


agalandherdog said...

I was just imagining how jam would taste on a cake. I was thinking vanilla cake with a layer of raspberry jam in between the two layers and frosted with peanut butter cream cheese frosting -- pb&j cake. You've inspired me to give it a go, because this looks amazing!

Hannah said...

IT WAS AMAZING!!! I also have 7 slices sitting in a Ralph's bag next to me at work. I'm supposed to share with the office but I'm tempted to take the entire bag home with me...


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