Siriously? I'm Serious: Food I Cannot Share


I know they say that Sharing is Caring, "they" being Barney the Purple Dinosaur, but there are certain food items that I just can't offer up. So, for this week's edition of Siriously? I'm Serious I thought I would SHARE them. Because deep down, I do care...


Milk in a bowl is meant for one person and one person only. I would compare sharing cereal to reserving bath water for the next bather, it just shouldn't be done.


When you eat ice cream with a spoon, there's that unavoidable amount that escapes your tongue and sticks to the utensil. I'm fine with that when it's my tongue that the ice cream has dodged. But someone else's? I'm just realizing how gross this post is thus far. Sorry about it.


This has nothing to do with my germaphobia, and everything to do with my control issues. You see, I just love popcorn so much, and I love sitting in a dark theater hugging a big tub of it. I don't want your hand to reach in my lap and take that love away from me. I swear you guys, I'm a normal person. p.s. Popcorn from the Arclight is my true love.

Now, what are some foods that you cannot share?


Anonymous said...

My entire wheel of brie. Its like a cheese baby. You wouldn't let anyone eat your baby would you?

Siri said...

You're very right, I would not. I'm glad you understand.

Being Ingrid said...

I once was at College Library enjoying fro yo with oatmeal cookie dough from Jamie's Cookies on State Street when someone took a bite and left a LARGE amount on the spoon and put it back into the cup. KILL. I was heated. So heated that I still talk about it 8 years later.

LuRuSo said...

Gross out-wise, I agree with anything dairy (ice cream, yogurt, cereal w/ milk). Ew. Greedy-wise, any kind of big/thick sandwich. In order for sharing partner to take a bite, they have to take a really big bite, therefore eating way too much of said sandwich.

Juliet {the juliet notes} said...

That is hilarious and so true!! My fiance got the flu after sharing his popcorn with a friend one time. Never again. For me it's all about the Arclight Caramel Popcorn and I don't share it cause I'm just plain greedy :)

Eva said...

Nicole Rye can attest to this and I know she still talks about it some 14 years later - Egg McMuffins, can't share them out of pure greed. They will always be one of my many "one true loves" when it comes to food. :)


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