Happy Easter!


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, Easter and if you live in SoCal - a safe earthquake experience! We took a trip to Palm Desert to visit the grandparents. There were many Easter events at their golf club including a petting zoo (my son slept through it) and a lady dressed as a bunny (my son was terrified) and an egg hunt (my son found a "golden egg" with some help from his dad and the prize was a huge basket full of choking hazards). It was a relaxing weekend full of family, food and springtime fun!

Speaking of family, food, and fun... I made the Cake Balls just like I said I would!

If you're not familiar with how to make Cake Balls or Cake Pops, visit Bakerella right now. It's a wonderfully creative site. Making Cake Balls/Pops is terrifically easy, unless you're relaxing a little toooo much and you've had a few beers. Hey. I'm a mom. I rarely let my hair down. And they still turned out great, just maybe not with the same amount of perfection I usually strive for.

If you can't tell, I was trying to form my balls into Easter eggs. Although I think they resembled Peeps. That's a strawberry cake mix, fyi, and I dipped them in melted white chocolate.

My Little Helper was thrilled to participate...

We turned some of them into bunnies...

And some of them into these guys...

That's an Easter Egg with a tongue, according to my Little Helper.

Also according to her, "These are too delicious!" Agreed.



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