A letter to a chicken take-out spot...


Dear Koo Koo Roo,

I like you. And not just for your quick, friendly service, your sea salt and pepper grinders at every table, or your complimentary cucumber water. I like you because you taste good, and because for 28 dollars I can get a whole rotisserie chicken, sides of rice, steamed veggies, mac & cheese, sauteed mushrooms, mashed potatoes and a cookie. I like you because you include a free side of lavash bread, and I like to wrap my chicken and rice in that bread and I like to dip it in hot sauce. I like you because I have leftovers today, and I like eating chicken before noon. I like you because you seem healthy-er than other chicken take-out spots... I won't name names KFC.

Thank you for being you, Koo Koo Roo.

Siriously Delicious



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