Salami and Cheese Baguette


When you eat something glorious, like the #3 sandwich at Larchmont Village Wine, but 3,000 miles of distance prevents you from eating it regularly, you've got to get creative and MAKE IT AT HOME.  Sorry for shouting, but I guess I'm yelling at you to MAKE THIS AT YOUR HOME because it is just such a divine sandwich.  Soppressata salami, manchego cheese, mixed greens, a sundried tomato spread and oil and vinegar all live between a sliced crusty baguette.  You can add things, like avocado (which I did obviously) but it truly is magnificent on its own.  

To make the sandwich at home, first make your sundried tomato spread.  I found a delicious store-bought paste that I combined with mayo, but if you can't find that you can finely chop (or process) jarred sundried tomatoes instead.  The ratio of mayo to s.d.t. is really up to you, but I did about 1/4 cup to 2 tablespoons.  I made two sandwiches and had some extra spread, which I will happily use up another day in a wrap or on breakfast toast.    

The most important part of this sandwich is the bread.  Go out of your way to find GOOD stuff, because that's what Ina would do.  No but really, it makes a difference.  No one wants a challenge when eating a sandwich, so try to find a crisp, crusty exterior that's soft inside and easy to pull apart (with your mouth).  I went with a standard baguette, but ciabatta would be yummy too.  

Slice your bread, and slather one side with your spread and the other side with mashed avocado (if using).  I always salt my mashed avocado, FOR YOUR INFORMATION.

Build up your sandwich with salami, sliced manchego and mixed greens (in this case I used arugula). Drizzle with just a touch of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  

Enjoy immediately with your favorite chip and flavored seltzer (or red wine if you're my mother and you're not pregnant).  This sandwich is a delight and you won't regret it!  Until I'm back in California and can get the real deal, I will be making these often.  


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