Happen Bakers: Sophie Boulos


Alright party people, please get ready to meet the newest member of my Happen Bakers series...

Sophie Boulos is a 16 year-old girl living in Montreal and is an extremely talented baker.  Chiffon cakes, chocolate mousses, Belgian waffles, even homemade pizza...you name it, she's baked it!  Besides being a skilled baker, she's an athlete, an active participant in various community services (such as animal adoption) and a nearly-graduated high schooler busy looking towards the future.    

We all know that teenage life can be stressful - especially the last year of high school - and Sophie turns to baking for comfort.  While she finds the process calming, she also appreciates how gratifying it is to share her creations with friends and family, or even members of her community.  How refreshing to see a young female driven with the desire to give back!  And after one glance at her Instagram, I'd like to move to her community to be on the receiving end of such donations, thanks.

I'm particularly excited that she decided to bake a Pumpkin Pie for her Happen Bakers post, and not just because it's perfectly appropriate for this time of year (I wrote a lot of words that begin with 'P' in that sentence).  If you've been a loyal follower of this blog, then you know it's the one food I just can't do...but my aversion shouldn't prevent you wonderful readers from acquiring a delicious recipe of the classic dessert!  So, now you have one, and you have Sophie to thank.  Thank you, Sophie!  
Read on for the recipe, and to learn even more about this talented young individual..

Click HERE to get the recipe for Sophie's Not Your Grandma's Pumpkin Pie!  
What she has to say about it:

Everybody knows that grandmothers are some of the best bakers around.  Their simple recipes make you feel warm inside and are very hard to beat.  Now, I am not saying that their recipes get old, but sometimes making a few adjustments can turn a classic into something unique and out of this world.  Being from Canada, I had to use maple syrup, and this addition is but one of the few simple changes I made to the original.  This is the best pumpkin pie around!  

When did you start baking?

I've been in the kitchen ever since I can remember.  There are even photos of me as a baby watching Food Network!  Since my mom is a stay at home mom, I would spend lots of time with her cooking in the kitchen.  I cooked much more when I was younger and started to bake pretty seriously starting at about 10 years old.  What inspired me to start baking were my grandmothers, my mother and the Food Network.  

How did you learn?

I learned on my own by watching TV shows, videos on YouTube and by practicing non-stop.  I also spent much time in the kitchen with my mom as a young child and was always eager to participate in the making of whatever she was preparing.  My grandmother and I would bake mini muffins and other goodies from time to time, so baking definitely makes me feel nostalgic.  

What do you love most about it?

The fact that it helps to relieve my stress when I'm feeling overwhelmed at school and it also allows for me to do something special for the important people in my life.  For example, I bake all the time for people's birthdays at school and for my family and when I see the joy it brings them, that is the best feeling.  I also love to give back to my community through my food and the joy a small gesture brings people never gets old.     

What's the most challenging thing you've attempted?

Definitely a chocolate soufflé and cherry clafoutis.  

What's your dream dessert?

Either anything with chocolate like a warm chocolate molten cake with vanilla bean ice cream or something lemony and delicious like lemon meringue pie.  

Name 3 celebrities you'd love to bake with...

Definitely Ina Garten as I absolutely adore her and her recipes, Yolanda Gampp and Christina Tosi.  

Most epic kitchen fail?

I was baking some oatmeal raisin cookies and the first batch came out scrumptious.  I forgot to set the timer for the second batch and by the time I remembered that they were in the oven, they had gone black!  

Any favorite songs you listen to in the kitchen?

I love to listen to soul music and old classics.  Anywhere from "I Feel Good" by James Brown to "Smooth Sailing" by Leon Bridges to "One Love" by Bob Marley.  

Favorite food site or YouTube channel?

Probably Yolanda Gampp's channel, How to Cake It, because everything she makes is ridiculously impressive.  

When you're not baking, you are...

Playing sports (soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton, touch football), hanging out with my friends and my dog, volunteering in my community or painting.  

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

That's a really hard question because I'm graduating high school this year and am not quite sure what I would like to do just yet.  In a perfect world, I would like to have completed my MBA and Juris Doctor as well as have graduated from the Cordon Bleu.  I know that this is not realistic to accomplish in only 10 years, but I see myself attaining these goals eventually.  I see myself remaining involved in my community and having a catering business where I can showcase my desserts and make some money to put towards my further education.    

Thank you Sophie!  I am certain that your future will be sweet :)
(Pun intended).  


Linda Bick said...

What a beautiful pie! Thank You Sophie! I’ll definitely be trying this recipe for thanksgiving, my dad loves pumpkin pie 🥧! My favorite is pecan! 😉

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