Veggie & Chickpea Tacos


A couple of weeks ago, I had two of my sisters over for dinner.  They are vegetarian, gluten-free and one doesn't eat sugar, onions or garlic.  To say the least, I had to think carefully about what I served them, especially because I happen to be a meat-eating, sugar-toothed gluten lover.  It was a Tuesday night and naturally I was craving tacos, so I thought... veggie tacos!  For some added protein, I threw chickpeas into the mix.  I used corn tortillas (gluten-free) and resisted the overwhelming urge to add garlic (however did end up making crispy onions to serve on the side).    

I loosely followed this recipe from the lovely Baker Chick for the chickpeas and slaw (using bagged broccoli slaw instead of cabbage).  Then, I roasted some julienned zucchini, sweet potatoes and yellow onions in the oven (olive oil, salt and pepper, 400 degrees, 20 minutes or so) and added those to the tacos.  Finally, I *lightly fried sliced leeks in veggie oil until they got brown and crispy, and I sprinkled those on top of everything.  Queso fresco, avocado, radishes, hot sauce... done.

*I enjoy saying "lightly fried" because it makes it sound healthier when, in fact, there is nothing "light" about it.  I'm frying food, period.

These were SO tasty, and also filling.  I didn't miss the meat or the gluten (but maybe the garlic, because I have a problem).    


Angie said...

Hi Siri,
Does your family member eat a low FODMAP diet? I also cannot eat gluten/dairy/soy/onions/garlic, so I was just curious. I have learned to substitute celery for onions and garlic infused olive oil takes the place of garlic perfectly! Just a suggestion for future cooking. :)

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