Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie Oatmeal


I should admit something: I've never loved oatmeal.  Other than being more of a savory breakfast person, I think it's a texture thing... oatmeal is so warm and mushy.  The words "warm and mushy" put together cause me to make a face.  I would demonstrate but you can't see me.  However, I recently came across a recipe for Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie Oatmeal and those words put together perked me right up.  And guess what?  I'm a convert.  This oatmeal tastes like a warm, gooey, slightly under-baked chocolate chip cookie, straight from the oven.  Yet, it's not overly sweet or sugary and still looks/feels like a traditional baked breakfast oatmeal.  In short, it's amazing.  

With minimal steps and ingredients you could easily make this any given morning, but it's special enough to serve for a breakfast gathering.  I'm highly recommending it... you should see my face.  

Recipe here.


Beth Mack said...

Do you think this could be made without the egg?? My son has a severe egg allergy.

Becky said...

So good!! You had me at 'you probably have all the ingredients on hand.' Perfect for this rainy Seattle day.


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