Spicy Chicken Rice Bowls



Ok, how did I do this again?  This blogging thing?  I would type nonsensical thoughts, you would read them, chuckling loudly while slapping your knees, there were food photos, recipes... ok, it's all coming back, it's all coming back to me now.  There were moments of gold and there were FLASHES OF LIGHT.  

I haven't forgotten about you, it's just we were out west for eleventy days (my favorite not-a-number), and as my kids get older it seems to be taking them longer and longer to adjust back to their accustomed time zone.  My son becomes a teenager, staying up too late and playing dead in the morning (like seriously, I know you can feel that I've just ripped the blankets off your body and I know you can see the sunlight burning through your closed eyelids as I've just violently opened the shades).  My middle child decides to pick 8pm to run laps around the house, wearing three winter coats (??), until I finally decide to give her a leeeeeeeeetle Benadryl (hahahahahahahaha, kidding).  My toddler keeps waking up with night terrors... first, there was a "bird" in her bed and the next night a "crab" (I won't go there).  Needless to say, I am a walking asleep person...

...but I haven't forgotten about you.

In fact, I've made the same dinner the last 3 nights in a row in an attempt to get more photos so I can post the recipe, but somehow I just have one?  Remember how I said I was a walking asleep person? 

Alas!  It's time for me to just POST it already.  Because it's so delicious, and because you deserve it.  It's basically a chicken and rice bowl on top of arugula and topped with various yummy things, and it's based on a dish called 'Le Bowl' from a restaurant called Zinque in Los Angeles.  I toss the chicken in a little mayo and sriracha, which is why I'm calling it spicy, and if you watch "Sing" as much as I do, then you just heard Gunther the pig in your head.  Enjoy!

Spicy Chicken Rice Bowls
Servings: 2 bowls

2 cups arugula
2 cups cooked brown rice
2 cups roasted chicken, shredded
Sriracha sauce
Shaved Manchego cheese (or Parmesan)
1/2 avocado, diced
Cherry tomatoes, diced
Corn shredded off the cob

Divide the arugula and brown rice among two bowls.  In another small bowl, add chicken and desired amounts of mayo and sriracha (I do about 1 Tbsp mayo and 1 heaping tsp sriracha), stir together.  Top each bowl with chicken, cheese, avocado, tomatoes and corn.  Drizzle some more olive oil and more hot sauce (if desired) on top.  Season to taste with salt and pepper!   


Stephanie King said...

This is right up our ally and something I could easily do! I have an embarrassing question though...is your corn on the cob steamed or grilled...it can't be raw off the cob can it? Thanks bunches...you're a gem!

Amy Sexton said...

This looks so delicious and fun! Thank you

Crystal Dickson said...

I have the same question on the corn, I don't think my peps will eat it raw tho! Thanks!!!

Siri said...

Yes, I absolutely boiled the corn first! Then cut it off the cob :)

Linda said...

Yummy 😋 I've been making egg whites with onions,tomatoes,salsa and serving it with arugula for breakfast!
Miss everyone and would love to see y'all on one of those eleventy days!

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Joe Fidzani said...

Nice recipe. Cant wait to try it out.


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