Doubletree Cookie Recipe


I am sitting here, swimming in holiday cards, literally drowning.  I started yesterday and was actually enjoying myself!  The girls were napping, my son was at the neighbor's, we had a fire going, football on the TV, Christmas music in the background... I was drinking beer.  It was all very enjoyable.  Now, however, I've been at it for hours while my daughter is coloring all over herself (I swear she started on paper) and HOW AM I ONLY THROUGH THE J'S??  Also - and I'm warning you this is disgusting (I am disgusting) - I was eating an arugula salad as I worked and then realized that a piece of lettuce ended up on an envelope after I licked it.  Ummm... now I'm wondering how many cards that I've already licked are going to come with leafy vegetables FROM MY MOUTH.  

Told you, so gross.

Guess what's not gross??  These cookies!!!  It's cookie season!  You can and should eat a new cookie every day, in fact.  It's a holiday rule that I made up just now.  I saw these as I was perusing the internet and while they may look like just another chocolate chip cookie, they might be one of the best I've ever had!  It's a copycat recipe for a cookie that the Doubletree hotels serve, which I wasn't familiar with, but now I want to rush there to see if they are in fact this good.  Two things I found interesting about this cookie: the addition of lemon juice and cinnamon (a tiny amount of both), and pulsing the oatmeal in a food processor until it's super fine.  I guess that's actually three things, but leave me alone.  For whatever reasons, I have a feeling that's why they are wonderful!  Make them!  

You can find the recipe HERE.

Update: I'm at the K's.


Cindy said...

The real Doubletree cookies are this good! You can also order them online from their website. I suppose if you were not able to bake, and not in a rush you could order some. Wink.

Jennifer said...

Haha I love this. I actually work for Hilton corporate, and apparently that recipe is TOP SECRET. Looks like a good recipe to try!

SallyO said...

I've had these at a doubletree at Disney World. But I thought they were just Otis Spunkmeyers. Anyway, they were quite good!

Rachel H said...

Admittedly, I'm reading your post and it's January and the holidays and the requisite cookies have come and gone. But now that it's halfway into "Healthy January", I could really use a good cookie again! I think I'll try this one. Another note: your blog makes me laugh out loud. Really. It's so much fun to read another mother's cooking and baking extravaganzas ... and to feel that someone else in the universe is also living happy, crazy life experiences navigating food and family.


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