Traditional Latkes with Caramel Applesauce


Hello friends!  How are we all doing on this Monday before the holiday weekend?  Has the panic set in yet?  Is your computer making fun of you for how much online shopping you're doing?  If your answers are yes, then we are friends.  If you finished your Christmas shopping in June, then please go away.  (Just kidding I love everyone you can stay)

It's full-on Christmas Vacation/Home Alone mode at our house, and this weekend would have gone viral had it been captured on video.  There was a snowstorm, a crying Santa visit and family galore.  All the things that make the holidays merry and insane at the same time!  My son is learning about Hanukkah at school and asked if we could make latkes, and this weekend felt like the perfect time to do it.  My mom and my sister-in-law took charge with this Martha Stewart recipe, and they came together perfectly.  Did I mention the caramel applesauce?  Served with that and a dollop of sour cream made these the hit of our chaotic weekend :)

Recipe for Traditional Latkes here.
Recipe for Caramel Applesauce here.



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