Scalloped Tomatoes with Croutons


It's a Thursday night as I write this, and I'm having one of those days that just needs to end.  I'm currently eating a bowl of this stuff, ignoring my children who are both on different devices even though I know we should be reading, feeling guilty about that, feeling guilty about a thousand other things as well, because I'm a mom, writing you people one giant, long, run-on sentence...

The funny thing is, I don't even know why I'm making love to a bowl of ice cream!  I think I just heard the word "mom" one too many times, or maybe could have used an extra hour (x7 years) of sleep last night.  All I know is, I'm excited to crawl into bed, watch more Olympics, read a little of this book, and dream about breakfast.  What, you don't dream about breakfast?

I guess I don't always dream about breakfast (sometimes I dream about tsunamis and plane crashes), but when I have leftovers like this Scalloped Tomato dish with Croutons, I can't help getting excited about heating it up in the morning with a fried egg.  How many times have I said in this blog that Ina is a God?  She is a God.  There, that's probably the 372nd time.  This recipe is definitely a reason why.  And because fresh, juicy tomatoes are in season right now, you should probably make this right away.  It's simple, especially if you have leftover bread lying around, and it's perfect any time of the day.  Just like this bowl of ice cream I'm eating.  

Recipe here


Sarah Wolfe said...

Pizza, that's what was going through my brain!

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