Crab Toasts with Lemon Mayo


Is everyone enjoying (or watching) the Olympics?  I think they're so much fun, and our TV is pretty much on NBC all day long.  My almost-two-year old even chants "U-S-A"  and definitely has no idea why.  These athletes just astonish me.  It is beyond my comprehension to be so gifted at a sport, and don't even get me started on the Butterfly stroke.  HOW DO BODIES DO THAT??  

We had an Olympic Opening Ceremonies party the other night (which I tried to snap and share in my Insta stories) and made different foods from around the world.  My kids and nieces drew flags to represent each country and we set them out by the food.  Fun was had by all, and just because the Opening Ceremonies are over, that doesn't mean you couldn't have your own Olympics party any night of the week with friends and family!?  I think you should, and then tag me on Instagram.  

I had seen this recipe for Crab Toasts with Lemon Mayo and knew I wanted to make them during our August vacation.  They were simple, bright and a perfect snack to enjoy beachside.  For our party, I claimed these were "Australian" because, I don't know, I've never been there and it seemed to work, ok?  Check out more of our "foods from around the world" below...

(I put that in quotes because we threw this together in a day, so be nice.)


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