Green Breakfast Sandwich


Most mornings, I run around the house with a yogurt in my hand, occasionally taking bites as I nag on my children to put their clothes on, eat a bite, put their clothes on, eat a bite, go pee, brush their teeth, PUT THEIR CLOTHES ON, etc.  However, their are those magical mornings when I actually wake up before them, and they actually sleep past 7am, and I have the school lunches made and their clothes, snacks, vitamins and backpacks ready to go.  On those mornings, which I will refer to as unicorn mornings, I make myself something fun for breakfast!  

This particular sandwich is loosely based on one at this restaurant (I order NOTHING else), and it took me no time to throw it together.  I toasted an English Muffin, spread on a layer of cream cheese, added some arugula and then avocado, fried up an egg and topped the whole thing with store-bought pesto.  Salt, pepper, lemon juice, drizzle of olive oil... it was ridiculous.  I love my unicorn mornings!  

Coffee cup was made by a friend based on THIS Instagram page :)


Maura Connolly said...

I would love that for lunch.I never get up that early!

Unknown said...

Looks yummy,can't wait to try 🍳

Linda said...

💚 yummy💚

Rachel Haddad said...

I want to make this. Looks like a perfect weekend morning breakfast.


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