Salmon with Potato Salad & Horseradish Yogurt


We had a particularly indulgent weekend, with my son's all-day birthday party on Saturday and pre-Easter festivities on Sunday.  It's definitely possible that my middle kid had pop rocks candy for two different meals. Where do I pick up my parenting award?!  (I really hope our dentist doesn't read this blog.)  Needless to say, we were all feeling it on Monday, so I was searching for a lighter dinner that wasn't the same old same old.  I came across this salmon recipe while sitting in the doctor's office during my son's 7-year-check-up.  We are big salmon eaters here, but Carson usually grills it, so I was excited about trying out a new cooking method (and we go bananas over horseradish anything).  The recipe did NOT disappoint... the salmon was bright and tender, and the quickly-fried herbs on top were EVERYTHING.  I added some arugula to the potato salad for more greens.  I highly recommend this one!  Especially if your kids ate 17 pieces of cake last weekend like mine.    

Recipe here.

p.s. My kids did not eat this (with the exception of my son eating a little salmon).  No, no, no... they ate whole wheat tortellini and chocked down some Spinach Balls.


yourebooks said...

Great post


Heide M™ said...

Will have to try this.


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