BB8 Cake


Well, my son turned seven last week.  I don't know why this birthday seemed so significant to me... seven sounds so old!!  This means eight years ago, I was nearly pregnant with him (I'm good at math).  Which means I've been a mother for almost a decade.  WHICH MEANS I'M ALMOST 40!  Ok, it doesn't really mean that, but seven does sound old, right?  He had a Star Wars-themed party this weekend with some buddies (at one of those places where hundreds of kids bounce around together and share puke germs) so I made him a BB8 cake.  Which yes, I realize may have been better suited for his 8th birthday, but I never said I was good at math.  

I made two circle red velvet cakes (following this recipe), cut one cake into a smaller circle, and then in half.  I formed the robot's body and head, slathered everything in cream cheese frosting, and decorated it with candy melts similar to the Transformer and Power Rangers cakes below (click on those links for more info).  As you can see, I've had fun with cakes for my kiddos in the past!  

And by "fun" I mean lots of panic attacks and beers.     


Linda said...

I love all of your creative cakes!!!!! We made the polka dot cake! Rainbows on my list of things to do! Your frozen picture makes me smile!


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