Everything Bagel Butter


I just died.  I'm in heaven now, and in case you're curious, heaven is a cloud of buttery, salty, flavorful bagel butter.  Sure, it's kind of greasy here in heaven, and everyone's hair looks horrible, but butter heaven exists, because I'm there.  Want to hear more?  Or are you weirded out by me? 

The other day a friend - a BRILLIANT FRIEND - sent me this recipe for a butter that's bursting with all those seasonings you love that stick to an Everything bagel: poppy seeds, sesame seeds and minced onion and garlic flakes.  Did I mention the butter is salted?  OMG.  

You just mix it all together, roll it in parchment, let it harden in the freezer, and you have the most delicious butter... perfect for spreading on crackers, melting on veggies or smothered over your favorite bagel.  I highly recommend you make this for the weekend!


Patsy Hackman said...

I love your recipes, Siri. There are easy to follow, and don't usually require a ton of ingredients. And your stories and comments are as good as the food.

Dylan Baldwin said...

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Ann Deaver said...

Whoa--do you think it would work with cream cheese? I'm not science-ish, so I don't know if that would work as a spread. YUM, though.


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