Black Eyed Peas


Happy New Year!  Can you believe we're here?  The decorations are packed away and the homework has emerged.  Oh and also, it took me 15 minutes to write those three sentences because my children are all "mama, mama, mama, mama" and I no longer have 8 house guests here to help answer them.  It's been difficult for me, getting back into the swing of things.  Anyone else feel like they're moving through mud?  Anyone else want to come over and cook a healthy dinner for my family tonight?

Great.  Thanks.

Well, this is a throwback now, but on New Year's Day my mom made the most delicious Black Eyed Peas.  This is not a tradition we usually partake in, but she wanted to try them out (and who am I to turn away possible luck and prosperity in 2016).  She referenced this article while making them, and they were delicious!  Like, I had 4 helpings delicious.  I think we will be making these all year round.  


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