Baked Halibut and Spinach in Foil


I'm not big on cleanses or detoxes or dieting in general, however I do believe a balanced lifestyle is best, and after a particularly indulgent holiday we are trying to eat a little healthier around here.  When we make fish, Carson usually takes control and grills it, but last night I tried a new method (for us) and baked it in tin foil.  It was so easy and the fish was cooked perfectly.  Foil packet cooking is so versatile - you can really use any combination of fish and veggie.  Last night I placed halibut on a bed of arugula and spinach and topped it with sliced shallots, olive oil and salt and pepper (loosely following this recipe).  It was delicious, even if we did joke about ordering pizza after.


Holy Food said...

So delicious!!!
I'm in love with this recipe!!
Thanks for sharing such amazing recipe.

Anonymous said...

It looks great, but my thought was, "what am I going to feed the kids???"

Stacey said...

Looks amazing! What is the side dish you served?

Rajesh Kumar said...

fabulous, mind blowing, delicious, tasty... i dont have word to say. thanks for sharing it. you are sharing rock.
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Amy Sexton said...

Halibut's one of my favorite fish. It looks so simple and delicious. The side dish does too, what was it? Thank you <3

Gene Cooper said...

Yum. ..

Gene Cooper said...

Yum. ..

Nonie said...

Hi. You should try using parchment paper instead of foil. It is healthier and cooks the fish beautifully! Love the site.


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