Cookie Butter Truffles


These Cookie Butter Truffles are absurd.  Absurd!!  I mean, first of all, Cookie Butter.  That's all, just... Cookie Butter.  Nothing else needs to be said.  Who invented this magical jar of goodness, because that person deserves a country named after them.  Or we could just call the country Cookie Butter, and I want to move to there.  Sorry this post is really getting away from me.  Probably because I've been staying up until midnight all week wrapping presents and then my baby wakes up at 5:45 which would be ILLEGAL ACTIVITY IN THE COUNTRY OF COOKIE BUTTER.  

Make these.  They are simple, require few ingredients, yield a crap load, will last forever in your fridge or freezer and make great gifts.  Recipe here and more truffle ideas below.

More truffles...


Linda said...

Definitely doing this!!! Get in my belly! ��

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