Shrimp Saganaki


Fifteen years ago, my knowledge of Greek food consisted of hummus and gyros (which I only ate when the bars closed).  Thank god it has expanded since then, because it might be one of my favorite cuisines.  One day, mark my words, I will go to Greece and eat my way through the country.  Until then, I will continue to explore the wonderful Greek restaurants this country has to offer, like Petros in California and Avra and Limani in New York.  My favorite things to order are Grilled Octopus, Moussaka, lamb anything and always, ALWAYS, Shrimp Saganaki, which is a simple, flavorful dish consisting of shrimp cooked in a tomato feta sauce.    

I've been dying to try it at home and I finally did.  It was extremely easy to make and I loved it.  Make sure you buy some crusty bread or soft pita to sop up this sauce.  I followed the recipe here (and ditched the greek liquor because I didn't feel like buying an entire bottle).  This is a wonderful transitional meal for the change of seasons... comforting but not TOO heavy.  Make it.  Opa!  


San Diego Nightlife said...

This looks amazing, planning on making it for my anniversary!

Haley Bell at Home said...

I absolutely love the shrimp saganaki from Petro's in Manhattan Beach! One of my favorite dishes! Thank you so much for posting this recipe, I always want to replicate the dish when I eat there but have never gotten around to finding a good recipe. I can't wait to give it a try!

Anonymous said...

Looks like good and delicious definitely I will try this one. Thanks for sharing restaurant in satya niketan delhi

Rajesh Kumar said...

nice food ! I like it .I have never eaten this type of roll.It is very testy and delicious.Online Order Food


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