Pink Ombre Cake


When I asked my daughter what kind of cake she wanted for her third birthday, her reply was simple: "pink!"  So I went a little overboard, and made the inside of the cake three shades of pink, with pink frosting, pink edible glitter and pink heart sprinkles.  Were there pink candles?  Um, duh.  And I splurged a bit on this cake topper from Etsy because an all-pink cake deserves a little bling.

To make the cake ombre, all you need is a little food coloring!  Simply bake as many layers as you'd like, evenly distribute the batter into different bowls, and use varied amounts of food dye to create different shades.  I made 4 different layers, but the cake started to look absurdly tall so I ditched one of them.  I used boxed white cake (two boxes) with neon pink food coloring, and followed this recipe for the Vanilla Buttercream.  It was a hit amongst the pink-loving crowd.

Now if someone could just help me figure out how to explain to a three-year-old that her next birthday is an entire year away...  


Sammie said...

I bet your daughter loved this cake. You can never have too many sparkles, sprinkles and glitter on a cake - ever!! Sammie www.feastingisfun.com

Linda said...

Pretty in pink!!!!

Celine said...

wow, awesome for a girls' night!

Dave Thompson said...


Vera said...

Hi Siri, love the blog! May I ask where your dining room table and chairs are from?!


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