Back-to-school on Rachael Ray


Back-to-school for the kids, back-to-work for mama!  I had a blast on The Rachael Ray Show this morning testing out 3 adorable snacks for the kiddos: edible crayons, rainbow pasta and homemade fruit leather.  They were extremely easy and Rach and I gave them four thumbs up, because we each have four thumbs (you know what I mean).  If you missed the segment, you can check it out here!


Gina Claphan said...

Where can I download crayon paper for pretzels?

Trish Howeth said...

Is this your patten? Is outing on your website?

dunlapfabfive said...

Doubtful my teens would go for any of theses snacks, but, can I just say how beautiful you look? Your hair looks amazing!��

Linda said...

Such cute ideas!!! I love them all!!

Howard Aiken said...

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Celine said...

love this!

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