Grilled Cheese with Sweet Relish


I'm trying to figure out how to start this post, but I'm extremely distracted by my own photo, because even though I just ate exactly what I'm looking at, I WANT ANOTHER.  How do you say, this is the best grilled cheese ever?  Oh, just like that.  THIS IS THE BEST GRILLED CHEESE EVER.  Of course, you have to be into the sweet and savory combo, and you have to not care that nothing about this is good for you.  Meaning, I don't think bread that is slathered in mayo and cooked in bubbly butter as a vessel for ooey, gooey cheese is diet food.  Eat some fruit with it or something, I don't care, just EAT IT.  I followed this recipe... and loved how she added the sweet relish after cooking the sandwich on the stove.  It kept it cool, which was a nice contrast to the crispy, hot sandwich.  

Bread and cheese cooking in bubbly butter... all is right in the world.

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Linda said...

I'm gonna have to go with dill relish or my fav jalapeño relish.... I don't do sweet relish! 😋

Nicole Adeline said...

I totally saw that on cup of Jo and keep threatening to make it...gonna wait for my good old friend PMS to show up so I can rightfully justify eating fried bread and cheese slathered in mayo!!! Looks INSANE

Sargento said...

Looks awesome, easy to make a delicious cheesy bread. Excited to do this with Sargento, surely this will be a delicious one. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post. Keep it up !

Bill said...

Anything sweet and savory gets my attention. As the weather gets cooler, I'll definitely be trying this recipe!

Sargento Cheese said...

Bread and cheese is simple to make but delicious to eat. I want to try this at home with pickle panini. It's a healthy and simple breakfast too.


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