Grilled Cheese and Pickle Panini


The title of this post may have you thinking, "uh oh, Siri has gone off the deep end with her pregnancy cravings."  While this may be true (all I want to do is dip salty McDonald's french fries into a soft serve vanilla cone), a child actually came up with this recipe as the lovely Catherine McCord documents on her website, Weelicious.  A brilliant child, I might add, because this sandwich is the thing dreams are made of.  No really, I had a dream last night that I was selling these at a lemonade stand with a random kid (we were also selling trumpets).  

I saw these the other day on the Weelicious instagram page and ran for the ingredients.  I only had bread & butter pickles and shredded cheddar, but I believe any kind of pickle/cheese combination would work beautifully.  And ok, fine, I buttered my bread which the recipe didn't call for but I'm pregnant and I DO WHAT I WANT.  I like butter.  It probably doesn't need butter.  

It probably needs to be in your mouth today at lunchtime. 

*And quickly, speaking of Instagram, I finally figured out how to separate my private page with my blog page, so please come follow me at siriouslydelicious for fun food-related photos.  Fun!    


Megan said...

This looks amazing. Grilled cheese and pickle for breakfast? I think just may be.

Tammy K said...

Interesting combo! If I hasn't told you, hubby, or Colleen congrats yet, here ya go!

Tammy K said...

Oops, haven't, not hasn't.

Tammy K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tara said...

Mmm french fries dipped in ice cream sounds delicious and I'm not pregnant so I'm pretty sure this cheese and pickle sandwich will be delicious also.

Linda said...

Mmmm.... I love pickles, dill that is not sweet!! When I was a kid we lived in Virginia for a while and whenever we went to Georgetown or anywhere I always had to have a big pickle out of the barrel. Did you ever do that?

Lauren Brewer said...

"Cheese and pickles, pickles and cheese, gimme gimme gimme that sandwich please!"

Lauren Brewer said...

That is a song from peg plus cat. I didn't make up that masterpiece.

yung@foodyoo.com said...

It looks beautiful and delicious. I never have pickles for grilled cheese sandwiches before, it looks so good. Normally I do it with banana or mango, it does taste good too. :)


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