Bacon American Flag Pizza


I'm not the best at following directions.  If I feel like I can do something on my own, I will try before really thinking it through, or looking at an instruction manual.  Why must there be so many words?  So many steps?  So many, before you begin's?  I don't want to before I begin!  I wanna begin!  

I'm a child.  This impatience can get me in trouble in the kitchen.  I see a photo on pinterest and think, I can do that!  I'm going to do that!  And then I attempt without really thinking it through.  This Bacon American Flag Pizza is case in point.  I saw this photo, started jumping up and down (no really), and grabbing things in my fridge.  I happened to have pizza dough in the freezer, fresh mozzarella cheese, purple potatoes (surprising), bacon (less surprising) and pizza sauce.  Who needs directions!?

Well, had I looked at the ACTUAL recipe (found here), I would have realized I needed to bake the bacon first to get it crispy.  And I would have realized that using alfredo sauce instead of a tomato-based sauce would have kept the cheese whiter.  And if/when I make this again, I will use shredded mozzarella cheese.  Oh well, you can still tell that it's a flag, right?  It tasted good! 

Now I want to make a patriotic dessert.  Any ideas? 


ljrbjc said...

You made it! Looks yummy! I think I would have used red sauce no matter what. And uh, who actually has purple potatoes? I am impressed! Happy 4th!

Anonymous said...

looks yummers. I always make Ina Gartens flag cake for the 4th its perfection!
Happy 4th! Whats not to love about a holiday where alcohol and fireworks are involved.


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