Vanilla Bean Angel Food Cake


It's Carson's birthday!  We are on day 3 of celebrating over here, after having a little party on Saturday and of course Father's Day yesterday.  It's all very confusing for our almost-three-year-old daughter, who thinks every birthday party is HERS.  On Saturday, Carson requested a "light fluffy cake" with berries and whipped cream, so I found this recipe for a Vanilla Bean Angel Food Cake.

For the first time, I made this type of cake properly with a grocery store-bought angel food cake pan.  Follow these three pointers, and you TOO can enjoy this deliciously "light and fluffy" treat:

1. As tempting as it may be, do not grease the pan.  Apparently the cake needs something to cling to. 
2. Fold your ingredients together!  Google "how to fold cake batter" if you need a tutorial.
3. Once baked, turn the cake upside down on top of a beer bottle to prevent cake from collapsing.

Happy Birthday Carson :)


Brooke Caputo said...

So....once you take this baby out of the oven, you basically hang it upside down on a beer bottle? Does it fall right out onto the counter or what?

Siri said...

Nope, Brooke, it stays right where it should! I placed some foil down underneath, just in case :)

Anonymous said...

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