Microwave Mug Cookie


I tweeted something significant last night - just kidding, I tweet rubbish all of the time - but as the night went on it stuck with me.  What I essentially said was, every night I make all these wild plans for myself, like actually staying awake after putting my kids to bed.  I think, tonight Carson and I will watch that movie we've wanted to watch, or I'll spend some time on my computer without a child trying to steal it, maybe I'll take a bubble bath, or I'll drink some wine and bake something!  But, alas, every, single, night I crash just as hard as them at a very early hour.  Well last evening I was determined to change that, so I put my kids to sleep absurdly early (thank god they can't tell time), and I drank wine and baked something!  

Sort of.  If you count microwaving as baking.   

Sorry for the crappy photos.  It was late (8:45pm!!!) and dark.  

I have been wanting to try this microwavable cookie since I saw the recipe floating around the Interweb (click here).  It's remarkably easy, takes about 5 minutes to make, and... drumroll please... is DELICIOUS.  I ate the entire thing.  Probably way too many calories for me to consume at the wee hour of 9:12pm, but I was celebrating the fact that I did it... I stayed up!  I watched one and a half Homelands!  I drank a glass of wine in bed!  This is making me sound very pathetic, yes?  

p.s. I found microwaving it for 40 seconds, and then another 30 seconds, was perfect :)


Nieves Urbina said...

I feel your pain, I cannot for the life of me stay awake after my girls fall asleep. I have a 21 month old and a 7 week old. the hubs gets mad because I don't make time for him and I don't make an effort to stay awake. he has a major sweet tooth, so maybe I'll make him one of these to make up for the fact that he's being neglected.

LD said...

I write a small blog about my viewpoint of the current food climate in Minnesota. Thanks for being an inspiration. By that, I mean thanks for being electic and funny and real. I learn a lot from you about being able to write and be myself. (even when I am my usual surly self). Thanks!

LuRuSo said...

Yesss! The wine, the Homeland, the cookie in a mug. A successful night.


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