Meatloaf Muffins with Barbecue Sauce


Remember to tune into the Rachael Ray Show today!  The above photo is a sneak peak of me, pretending to be calm and cool, pretending to sip coffee, actually baking up something that involves those mason jars... by the way, did you know I'm a Lifestyle Pro?  Yup, according to Rach and her website, that's what I am.  I call her "Rach" now.

And in honor of RR (another nickname) and her amazing show, I made one of her recipes last night.  Not even on purpose.  I had zero clue what to make for dinner, and with only one ingredient on my mind (ground turkey) I found these Meatloaf Muffins with Barbecue Sauce by Rachael Ray!  They were SO delicious... extremely moist with a crusty exterior, sweet and spicy... small enough for you to eat three or four or six or seven JUST KIDDING.  

I hope you like the show today!   


Katie @ Fit Life by Katie said...

you were so cute on the Rachael Ray show!! :) Loved the recipes you shared.

Paula said...

I have pinned a ton of your recipes. I never knew your connection with Carson. Neat!

The Apple Pie in mini lids sounds so much fun! I think my 4 year olds would live to bake this recipe!


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