Espresso Chocolate Chunk Cookies


These cookies are just dumb.  Nothing should taste this good, you big dumb cookie.  How is it even possible for something to taste so fudgy, so rich, so chocolaty?  Who am I asking this question to??  The universe, that's who, the Chocolate Universe.  The Milky Way?  Bah ha ha, I'm a comedian.

I've made these cookies before, but I renamed them due to the addition of espresso.  A very subtle yet significant change, that no doubt helped boost these cookies into that sphere of foods you call "dumb" because they are too tasty to process.  The original recipe is here, and all I did differently was add 1 tsp of instant espresso to the dry ingredients.  They look a little strange, because I let my cookie dough sit out for too long (it got a little crusty) but they still taste STUPID good.  Dumb!!!  


Linda said...

Dumb, chocolate, deliciousness!

carol said...

love these cookies. . . question, how much espresso powder do I use? I've only made them the original way. Help, please!!!!

Thanks, in advance :)

carol said...

Awkward. . . just went back and read the entire story. . . 1 tsp of espresso. Going to make them now!


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