Pinon (or Puerto Rican Lasagna)


I love sweet and savory combinations, but I usually only think of them in terms of desserts.  Well, a reader sent me this main dish that combines layers of salty meat and veggies with layers of sweet, fried plantains, and I was very excited to try it.  Apparently it's very popular in Puerto Rico, and often referred to as their "lasagna."  So last weekend, with my mom in town, we decided to make a traditional lasagna as well as Pinon.  

The reader, as she will be known, sent me this recipe, as well as some very helpful tips that I completely ignored because I was running short on time.  BAD IDEA, SIRI.  We (my mom, I love you mom) cut the plantains too thick, resulting in not enough for the multiple layers.  The reader even suggested flattening them in between foil with something heavy, like a can of soup, which would have thinned them out nicely and assisted with the layers, but... we ran out of time!  Our plantains were also pretty green and unripe, hence, not sweet enough?  Does that make sense?  I know nothing about plantains.  (By the way, do you say plan-TAIN or plan-TIN?  Major topic of debate in our household.)  In general, I think I failed the reader with this otherwise marvelous recipe.  I will make it again with more time and better listening ears.  Can you tell I have small children?      


Linda said...

How interesting, did you like it?

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jtman9200 said...

I lived in Mexico for a period of time and those fried bananas were always being incorporated into the different dishes. I wouldn't have guessed to put them into a lasagna like meal but I imagine that it added a sweetness to the meal. Do you know if this is available in any Latin restaurants? http://www.thequarry.com.au

Paleo recipes book said...

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Anonymous said...

I would like to add my mother version of this meal, what I grew up eating from my mothers recipe. The actual ingrediantes where sweet platins cut at an angle thinly sliced, ground beef, string beans. and eggs to make a top and Bottom omlet type. that is what I call pinion in my house back in the day in da Bronx, ny.

Anonymous said...

ok just fyi , this meal was never ever called lasagna in da hood. This was called exactly what it was, Pinon, period. Lets not try to unlatin this meal, simple because of of expidency.


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