Los Angeles, take 3


HELLO!  I have been away for awhile and you hate me.  You've totally written me off, forgotten about me, and I am nothing more than the robot lady on your phone who can't answer a single question correctly.  But wait!  I'm back!  I love you!  I have exciting things to share with you on the horizon!  For now, though, I will leave you with a few Instagram photos from our trip to Los Angeles.  Of food, of course.  The above photo was taken at The Griddle Cafe on Sunset.  If you ever find yourself in Hollywood, this is a must.  The pancakes and french toast are ridiculous, and the entire restaurant smells like that freshly made batter.  I ordered the Fiesta Scramble, and then also ate the majority of my kid's Chocolate Chip Pancake.  Why do I order my own food again?

The photo below is of the Chocolate Pizza at Craig's on Melrose.  It's not on the dessert menu, but you MUST ask about it if you're ever at this restaurant.  Also order the Honey Truffle Fried Chicken.  I SAID HONEY TRUFFLE FRIED CHICKEN.  But don't worry, plant eaters, they have four featured vegan dishes as well!  Love this place... and it's always a fun spot for a celebrity sighting or two (ahem, Pat Sajak and John Stamos).    

We also went to Katsuya this trip.  Not my favorite sushi restaurant (Sugarfish, Sasabune and Nobu are much better in my opinion), but a fun spot nonetheless.  Even though the geisha in the bathroom scared the S*@T out of my son: 

Be back soon!


Julie @ Girl on the Move said...

I need to get out of Orange County and check out some of these places!

Anonymous said...

Where is that cute striped shirt from?

Linda said...

Come back soon!!!

Siri said...


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Kelli Walsh said...

Totally just took a screenshot on my iPhone so I would remember The Griddle Cafe. We are driving from Texas to California for the Christmaa break as the kids picked a family vacation over the typical holiday celebration. It actually seems like a giant gift in a pretty bow for me but I am sure they will have just as much fun. I mean 2 weeks without dishes, house cleaning, not having to make dinner for 25 (twice), decorating the house, shopping for gifts, etc. - I secretly jumped for joy when they picked this. Why has it taken so long for us to come up with this? Thanks again for the suggestion, we will definitely be eating there!

Longwell Kort said...

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