Guinness Chocolate Cookies with Sea Salt


Over the weekend, we had dinner with some friends and I was told to bring an "adult dessert."  Well, when you attach the word "adult" to food or drink, my mind goes to one place... booze.  I started to think about all the possibilities - rum, tequila, wine - but with football on in the background I settled on beer.  Specifically, my favorite beer of all the beers in the land, Guinness!  I've cooked with the dark stout before (here and here) and have always loved the results, so when I found this recipe I had a feeling it would be a hit.  You can't go wrong when you pair Guinness with chocolate, and that is a fact.  A fact!  These cookies were intensely rich with chocolate flavor, and I definitely tasted a nice hint of the dark beer as well.  The perfect "adult" treat for fall and football.  Cheers!   

Hope you tuned into The Voice last night!  I was slightly obsessed with the coach performance.  Blind Auditions continue tonight on NBC, and for old tailgate recipes, click here.


tara said...

Mmmm yum! You're right, Guinness plus chocolate totally go together. I used to work at an Irish pub and we had Guinness chocolate chip ice cream. Ohhhh god it was so good.

Lottie said...

I really love all your recipes, have to try this one. I appreciate it so much that there is at least one food blogger who is a chocoholic and a sweet-baker with passion. I honestly like "healthy food", but whenever I watch pictures of the food of some very health-conscious bloggers/instagramers and eat something sweet (like chocolate cake etc.) I think: they`re missing something! How can they NOT like this? I would miss it, terribly.

Anonymous said...

Yum. This looks great but this post also reminds me how much I like your writing and the voice you have on the page(screen?)!

A fact!

ljrbjc said...

You had me at booze, chocolate and sea salt. Can't wait to try these!

ljrbjc said...

Hi Siri! I am thinking of making these for a tailgate in a couple of weeks. Kids will be present. Do you think the alcohol gets cooked off? Or baked off? You know what I mean? Not that a little Guiness ever hurt anyone, am I right?

Siri said...

I can't say for a fact that I know it does, lirbjc (it took me a long time to write those letters in the correct order). I would assume it gets baked off?? But I will say, I could taste the Guinness a bit once they were cookies. So... ??


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