Pretzel Hot Dog Buns


I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking, no baby yet??  You're also thinking, Siri is nutso kookoo for taking on large baking projects such as pretzel bread just days from her due date.  WELL YOU'RE WRONG.  (About the second part, baby is never leaving my belly, nope never.)  These Pretzel Hot Dog Buns were extremely easy to make and only took me about an hour from start to finish.  No kneading, no hours and hours of rising.  And I had every ingredient on hand (but that's because I'm the type of person with bread flour and active yeast in her pantry).  In fact, it was one particular ingredient that made this recipe jump out at me: grated garlic.  Yum!  I'm not sure if you can taste it but it made the house smell fantastic as these rolls were baking.  And how did they taste?  

Delicious.  Soft, salty, just enough pretzel chewiness.  Yum.

I will say, they're pretty big.  Not exactly the perfect vessel for a hot dog (but maybe a brat or sausage with tons of peppers and onions).  I think the recipe could have yielded 16 rolls instead of 8.  However, I will be making sandwiches with them all week, or simply warming them up and slathering them in butter.  Because that's what you do when you've been pregnant for a year.          


Sandy said...

Matt Lauer said you were BEAUTIFUL this morning!!! Those pretzel buns don't look too bad either :).

ljrbjc said...

These look delicious. I can't believe you're still blogging. Go have that baby already! (But thank you for still blogging :-)

tara said...

Those look fantastic and grated garlic?? Mmmmm. You're a superhero for blogging while still so pregnant.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny! I'm sure it feels like a year :) Hope you are staying comfy! These look so yummy... I'd be likely to warm and butter them, like you mentioned.


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