Today Tonight: Ramen-crusted Chicken Wings


Next up in my "TODAY tonight" series are these Ramen-crusted Chicken Wings (recipe here).  Carson and PopSugar's Brandi Milloy made these on the show back in March, and he hasn't stopped talking about them since.  Not kidding.  The poor man has been waiting and WAITING for me to make them... he even bought four packets of Ramen Noodles and printed the recipe, leaving it on the counter, multiple times.  Well, four months later, I finally made them!  With his help, thank god, because recipes that require frying tend to overwhelm me.  It's all the steps and the hot, splattering oil... oy.  However, I am so glad we tackled these because they, were, UNREAL.

You end up frying these bad boys twice, which at first concerned me.  I thought the ratio of batter to chicken would be way off.  Yet as you crunch into these (and they are so wonderfully crunchy), you immediately encounter a bite of juicy chicken as well as the perfectly seasoned Ramen-crust.  Served with a spicy dipping sauce (although Carson and I agree that ranch would be great too, because when isn't it), these are a crowd pleaser, no doubt.  Bookmark them for your next gathering, or for the upcoming football season, or for next Tuesday.              

Also, remember the Ramen Burger?


tara said...

I don't like frying stuff, either... but these look worth it. Really, really worth it.

Sarah Lynn said...

That's a new one! Frying intimidates me too. My husband just made me pin this recipe. :)

Obat Darah Tinggi said...

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riac129 said...

You should try making these: http://www.popsugar.com/food/Doritos-Loaded-Recipe-Hack-34166421!! Looks delish!


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