Lo Mein with Mushrooms and Snow Peas


I have been craving Chinese food this entire pregnancy.  Not just the cuisine, but the act of eating it on the couch out of small, white cartons while watching sappy romantic comedies.  However, I am a mother of two (ohmygod almost three), and that's not exactly the "family dinner" setting I'm trying to create each night.  You know, one with chairs and tables and bowls and NO television.  Thankfully, I can turn to recipes like this one to satisfy at least part of my craving which is delicious Chinese food.      

I came home from my son's lacrosse camp at 6pm and dinner was ready by 6:30, that's how quickly this came together.  Certain ingredients help, like fresh linguine that cooks in minutes and pre-sliced shiitake mushrooms.  But the recipe in general is simple and delicious (although I was out of Sriracha which would have made it PERFECT).  I thought about adding chicken but left it vegetarian, and the mushrooms kept me feeling full.  Or was it the fact that I ate two full bowls of it?  Hmm...  


Gretchen said...

And look at those cute chopsticks :)

ljrbjc . said...

This looks delicious. I never make stuff like this because my son won't eat it (what is wrong with that 4 yr old?) but I shouldn't deprive my husband and I! Thanks!

Linda said...

Mmmmm....yes it's a sin to run out of Sriracha !

Blogger said...

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