Rice and Noodle Pilaf


I love rice pilaf, but I've only ever made it from a box.  Well, hey now!  I was recently surprised to find this recipe for a homemade version that looked extremely simple.  Of course, I had no idea what a vermicelli noodle was, but I found it at Whole Foods (and I wouldn't be surprised if regular supermarkets carried them too).  And guess what?  It WAS extremely simple, and it made enough rice to feed a small army (or a family of 4, if you're Carson and I and you stand over the pot after dinner eating the leftovers with a giant serving spoon).  You should make this, it's the perfect side.  I used white basmati rice with a whole grain vermicelli, but you could use brown rice as well.  Add peas, add chicken, a fried egg - the possibilities are endless!  Yum.

Tomorrow: check back for an easy Chicken Piccata.  


Mia Stizzo said...

vermicelli noodles are in regular stores for sure, often in the mexican aisle because they are used to make fideo, which is freaking delicious! this pilaf looks way good - i'll give it a try for sure.

SallyO said...

Your blog makes me hungry and I love it! You could use orzo for the pasta portion. That's what I use and it's DELISH!

Anonymous said...

Om nom nom I'm chewing on my computer monitor. Tasty but needs more seasoning :( Repost the photo once the flavor has a tad more to it haha.

Linda said...

I too have only used the box... This looks delish! I like the idea for orzo from Sally too.

Blogger said...

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