Chicken Piccata


As I came across the Rice Pilaf the other day, I also stumbled upon this recipe for Chicken Piccata.  I'm a little weird with chicken when I'm pregnant, usually only craving it if it's fried or if it's the dark meat from a roasted bird.  However, I really enjoyed this meal!  I tend to overcook thin chicken, but if you follow the recipe carefully and stick to 2 minutes per side, your chicken will come out perfectly tender.  It takes ZERO time to actually cook, so it does help to have everything prepped and ready.  Just pretend you're hosting a cooking show like I do sometimes JUST KIDDING, I do NOT do that.

A great light, spring meal for this warm weather we're all experiencing YAHOO!
Ugh, I'm such a mom when I say things like that.   


Bebe said...

I love Chicken Piccata it is one of my ultimate favorite dishes! I just recently started to make it myself and my recipe is very similar to the one you used but I do add the capers. Funny I didn't like capers before but thanks to chicken piccata I've aquired the taste for them. Oh and I also like to prep as much as I can before cooking or baking. I'm messy when I'm focused on recipes so preping helps w/less mess, less clean up. I've pretended to be hosting a cooking show too lol! ;)

Anonymous said...

Where is the recipe?

Siri said...

Check the links in the post : )

Jennifer said...

I made this whole meal last night and it was a big hit...I would add more vermicelli to the rice pilaf, mine didn't seem like enough; otherwise it was great! Thanks!

p.s. is your book club really a book club or just a reason to drink wine and chat? That's the kind of book club I tend to join! :)

Linda said...

Do you know what happens if you don't read your emails for 3 or so days.... You have 343 new emails! What the French toast!!! This one got lost in the bundle...this recipe is one of my favorite ways to eat chicken, and it helps to have a Meyer lemon tree that produces extensively in the back yard. A splash of white wine works nicely in this recipe too!!!


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