Egg & Sausage Casserole


Another Easter Sunday dish I made was this egg casserole.  I love things you can prepare the night before and toss in the oven when you wake up.  It makes life so easy, and I love easy life.  When things are simple, I have time to blog, and read a book, and shower.  I should make this casserole every day of my life.  But I don't, and so I blog when I can, and I'm very behind for this month's book club, and I shower twice a week. 

I used this recipe but changed it up a little.  Omitting the bacon, I only used pork sausage, and so that kids would eat it, I skipped all green veggies.  No kids ended up eating it (did I mention there were donuts that morning?), so I wish I would have added green onions but, next time.  With sausage, cheese, hashbrowns and Bisquick as ingredients... there will definitely be a next time!    


tara said...

Mmm this looks SO good. I love breakfast casserole!

Kathryn T said...

Bisquick in an egg dish might be the best idea I have ever heard!

Linda said...

Who doesn't love breakfast casserole you can make the night before.... I made eggs Benedict for Easter Sunday !! Next year I want casserole ....

Yasmeen Elsayed said...



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