Cheesy Vegetable Soup


I have to share a recipe from one of my favorite blogs, because perhaps like me as soon as you see it you will decide to make it this very day.  Especially today, when most of the country is COLD?  Covered in SNOW?  Poor Easter Bunny, whom, by the way, I've had to answer many questions about lately.  Is the bunny a boy or a girl?  Big or little?  An actual rabbit, or some sort of magical creature? My answer has been, "I don't know!  No human has ever seen it!"  Good, yes?

Back to the recipe, Cheesy Vegetable Soup.  A soup you can make with any vegetable you have in your fridge.  I was prepared to freeze the leftovers but both Carson and I had seconds it was so good, leaving nothing to freeze.  Here is the recipe.  Now go make it, and mourn your Spring flowers.



Liz said...

I love your blog! I'm making this soup sometime this week for sure.

Just wondering, do you know of any recipies for this cake? It looks delicious.


Linda said...

Mmmmmm.....cheese soup, I'd like some right now please!

Siri said...

OMG that looks amazing! I will investigate!


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