Chocolate Yogurt Bundt Cake


I am a very picky chocolate cake eater.  If it's dry, or too bread-like, well then… no.  NO!  It must be moist, not overly sweet but not overly bitter and VERY chocolaty.  Chocolate chips and/or chocolate icing are a bonus.  I become irrationally nervous when I try out a new recipe, as I was yesterday, but I found one that DID NOT disappoint!  I used this recipe with several adaptions: brewed coffee instead of water, whole milk plain yogurt instead of sour cream, no glaze - but I did add a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips to the batter.  It came out better than I could have imagined, to the point where I cannot stop eating it.  I keep pretending that I'm British and that it's tea time and that I should accompany my tea with cake.  I don't drink tea.  I just eat cake, a lot.  


Linda said...

This looks sinfully amazing..... Ive been baking today also...granola, and salsa, and I made my cranberry Christmas pie for the fourth time since Christmas .... I blame it all on the son home to visit 😃

LuRuSo said...

I am from the same school of thought with chocolate cake. I'll HAVE to try this!

Cindy P said...

Adorable assistant you have there.

Britt Whit said...

umm this looks so delicious!

love from San Francisco,

Anonymous said...

Did the SIRI in SIRIOUSLY DELICIOUS at the top of the blog suddenly get much darker red? Or was I asleep before?


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