Monster Eyeball Cookies


My daughter has been waking up at 5am this week, which is fun, because then we can bond while I'm super grumpy.  She also knows what "Mama, Coffee, HOT" means, so there's that.  And I've had a chance to get my blog posts up on the early side.  Morning Celebration!  Anyways, remember these Mini Candy Corn Sugar Cookies?  I've been pretty obsessed with the recipe since discovering it.  The dough comes together in a matter of minutes (I usually double it), it's easy to work with, it freezes well, and the creative possibilities are endless (think every holiday).  This go around, I added a small amount of green food coloring to the dough before adding the flour, and then topped each baked cookie with eyeball sprinkles.  Jack and I wanted to make faces on a few of them, so we melted chocolate chips and used a plastic baggie with the end snipped off to create silly, scary monsters... 

Ok those aren't scary at all.  Can you believe Halloween is less than a week away?  Good thing my son has 3 costumes he can't decide between!  If you feel like getting festive and domestic this weekend, check out the homemade candy I've made in the past.  And don't forget these Butterfingers!



Lauren Brewer said...

Love these. Will try to buy the eyeballs tomorrow. My son is eager to make them! Thx!

michelle@himamma said...

These are too cute and Iook super easy to make. I think my daughters and I will bake this afternoon. Thank you for sharing.

Renuka said...

How cute! I love confectionery items.Maybe I'll ask my mom to try this. :)

Anonymous said...

Clicking on this page today made me smile - not easy given a list of things to do so long! - I like this one almost as much as the crazy corn on the cob cupcakes. Well done! And at 5am!

Linda said...

Making these right now !!! Using regular recipe and Fall Sprinkle assortment .

tara said...

These are so awesome!

5am?? That's way too early. Go back to bed!!


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