Mini Candy Corn Sugar Cookies


Dear Candy Corns, 

Every Halloween I claim I don't like you.  I think I'm better than you, and your disgusting cone of corn syrupy pure sugar nonsense.  But then I'll eat one that's broken in half, just to get rid of it (because who likes to look at a candy corn with only two colors??), and that's when it happens.  I turn into a robot.  And someone has programmed my robot brain to think, "Must. Eat. 107. Candy Corns. In. A. Row."  Suddenly I'm in love with you, and I'm all, "Candy corn: you are the most precious, delightful thing and I want you close, always, in my belly."  And then I start to feel sick and I hate you again until next Halloween.  


So anyway, if you like candy corns, this is the recipe for you.  And if you don't, make these bite-size sugar cookies anyway because they're perfect - little mouthfuls of soft, sugary, buttery goodness - and use sanding sugar instead.  Or these bone sprinkles.  I made a batch of regular sugar and chocolate, and I think you should to.  Recipe HERE.    

Ooooo, spooky effects at iPhoto...



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